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Smokers Application:) Empty Smokers Application:)

Post  Rossen on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:07 pm

These are the following dudes from Smokers Choice who would like to join:)

Character Name : Rossen
Name: Jonas
Age: 20
Class: Mage
Gs: 5348
Spec: Arcane PvE (main)/Frost (PvE)

Character Name : Danishmagedk
Name: Brian
Age 21
Class: Warrior
Gs: 5200
Spec: Fury PvE (main)/ Arms (PvE)

Character Name : Tardalotoflo
Name: Christian
Age: 19
Class: Shaman
Gs: 5100 ms / 4900 os
Spec: Ench PvE (main) / Resto PvE

Character Name : Ammonation
Name: Mads
Age: 19
Class: Druid
Gs: 5043 Main / 4978 off
Spec: Tank PvE (main) / Feral dps PvE

Character Name : Nemeo
Name: Marc
Age: 20
Class: Priest
Gs: 5312
Spec: Holy PvE / Disc PvE

Character Name : Xfactorlaura
Name: Nicolaj
Age: 20
Class: Mage
Gs: 5100
Spec: Arcane PvE (main) / Frost PvP

Character Name : Focuz
Name: Christian
Age: 29
Class: Druid
Gs: 5238
Spec: Resto PvE (main) / Boomkin PvE

Character Name : Jaikon
Name: Lau
Age: 20
Class: Priest
Gs: 5006
Spec: Shadow Pve (main) / Holy Pve

Character Name : Kniv
Name: Alban
Age: 20
Class: Warrior
Gs: 5120
Spec: Prot PvE (main) / Fury PvP

Character Name : Chickenpox
Name: Jocke
Age: 28
Class: Druid
Gs: 5004
Spec: Boomkin PvE (main) / Resto PvE

If you need more info, /w me. cya in game:P


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Smokers Application:) Empty Re: Smokers Application:)

Post  razhasia on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:37 pm

Thanks a lot for the Topic guys, we need to take it slow Smile See you in the game soon

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