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Nexxtar application :) Empty Nexxtar application :)

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:01 pm

Name: Albin,Skoglöf
Nickname: Nexxtar
Age: 15
Class: Paladin
Server: Vek'Nilash
Faccion: Horde
Profesions: BS and mining

Would you change your professiones if asked? if so witch one?

- Nah, im makeing good money of BS i also need does extra sockets Smile

- Prot is my main spec, also got Holy for offspec
Would you changed them if asked?

-Yes, i got my retri gear on bank too.
What do you dedicate yourself to? (work,study, etc)

- study
Do you fully accept the raiding hours and farming hours? and incase you cant fully make an asistance of 100% explain why.

- Yes i do fully accept the raiding hours! Smile
What is your pve experience?

- Im cleared Naxxramas, and done first part in Ulduar, also done all thos OS,Voa,ony.

In what guilds have you been? and why did you leave.

- I Have been in an Guild Called "Consil of Ra" when i was on an other Realm, I left soz i moved my char to Vek'nilash becouse all my Rl freinds plays here.
How did you get to know the guild?

- I saw Faith and asked him if they needed a prot paladin to guild Very Happy
What is your role in the raid?

- I would pref Tank, but could also heal if needed.
What experience and gear do you have in other roles?(respond if your class is not a pure dps one)

- My healing gear is almost the same good as my tanking gear, Done same things with them.
How would you define yourself as a player?

- When im Raiding or doing arena i must say i am verry serious, but i play most for fun too.
Are you respectfull to your partners or other players? do you usually have problems?

- Yes i am verry respect full to ppl i playing with, Nah i dont have any problems with anyone Smile
A link to your char in the armory.

A screenshot of your char of your bindings and other configurations.

- Good ^^
Comment breifly what addons and bindings do you have and why you have them.

- The addons i use is: Questhelper,omen,DBM,Recount,Bartender4
Do you consider yourself a mature person?

Do you have a microphone and ts/ventrilo?

- I have headset, and ventrilo.
Do you have a computer with a stable conexion?

- Yes! Smile
what are your hobbys apart from wow?

- Well it is most Wow, but i am outside with my mates and just hang around.
what do you do in your free time?

- Playing wow, or am outside Smile

Extra Points !!

Do you have knowledge over web designing and maintainance of a website?

Do you have knowledge of graphic designing?

Do you know how to work with a video editor?

Incase you played arenas whats your maximum rateing youve had?

- 1300 i think, i dont remember Razz
If you have anything you want to add do so here.

- Well i am a nice person and would love to join your comunity Smile


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Nexxtar application :) Empty Accepted

Post  Faith on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:29 pm

welcome nexxtar thank you for interesting yourself in the guild we allready talked about the missing answers, so welcome onboard Smile

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