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Post  Faith on Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:51 pm

Hello everyone, we would like to present ourselfs to everyone: Horde and alliance the new guild Cruor, This guild was created as objective to be top, when i mean top i mean TOP, that is the main objective of the guild and for that we say “better quality then cuantity“ following that we want to have a small rooster of players, we dont want to have fillers, we are not looking for good players we are looking for the best, the philosophy of haveing the best is so that the guild triumphs in every aspect.

The raiding hours will vary a lot, during the raids of progress (including hardmodes) we will dedicate as much time as needed, dont forget we are looking to be a top guild, and if we have to play more than the ordinary it will be done, saying this be prepared to raid 5-6 hours a day. We have three different starting raiding times wich is
19:00 20:00 or 21:00 and from there we raid up to 1 am

The raids of farming will try to be finished as fast as possible if we can finish it the same wednesday the better, we dont want any of our players to miss going out on friday or saturday just to farm some epics, we also dont want to transmit the feeling that they have to be available 24/7 for the guild at first the raids will be at noon/afternoon.

the loot we be for the best of the raids, we think its the most correct thing to do so we can advance as fast as possible, everyone in the guild will think as a guild, we dont want people who just want to showoff gear in dalaran. the loot system will be Loot Council

if you liked what you have read and you wish to join the guild the requirements are

  • you have to know how to play as a team, its useless if you are the best dps in raid and you dont know how to missdirect or anything similar

  • Its also uselsss if you do alot of dps and you eat everything a boss throws at you

  • You also have to have the capacity to improvise in an unsuspected situation, not everything will be 1+1=2

  • Remember to always be kind to your guild buddys as to the people outside the guild, we dont want people to think that we have a bad environment in the guild and we dont want people to give us a bad image.

  • Be extremely respectful in the guild channel especially during raiding hours.

  • Have a high raid asistance when we say high raid asistance we mean near the 100% we also know behind every player theres a person and always something may come up, and not everyone will have a 100% asistance, but when this person starts to not go frequently to raid and doesnt have decent excuses we dont care if your top dps because soon you wont be in the guild.

  • Have Teamspeak/Ventrilo and a microphone.

  • Be a mature person, we wont tolerate childish actitudes, saying this wont mean that a player that is 15-17 years old is not cualified to join the guild because theyre young because there are some players who are 15-17 and are more mature then a player who is 25.

  • You also have to know to accept a error when you make one, even the best players mess up sometimes, the criticisim will always be constructive and will always be done in a mature way, we expect the person is mature enough to accept it and try to do his best to amend his mistake.

  • always be prepared to wipe its a natural part of being in a guild because sometimes we will wipe a lot ^^

  • The capacity to colaborate with the guild bank, because some minimum will be required.

  • Be prepared for raids with full PvE gear consumibles and flasks.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of Cruor, make an apply or contact with any of our officers,
doesnt matter what server you are from or faccion, if you are the best of the best we want you!

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