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Post  Zniit on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:51 pm

That being said copy and paste the questionary and fill it .. good luck.

Name: Jonas, Løken
Age: 17
Class: warrior
Server: Vek'Nilash
Faction: Hord
Profesions: going to level upp herb and ins

Would you change your professiones if asked? if so witch one?
no problem since dont got anyone real atm so that wouldent be a problem.
At the moment i am fury but my mainspec is realy Prot.
Would you changed them if asked?
Yeah. dont mind chaning spec if u find my spec odd.
What do you dedicate yourself to? (work,study, etc)
im a student,
Do you fully accept the raiding hours and farming hours? and incase you cant fully make an asistance of 100% explain why.
Yeah i dont mind the raiding time, dont think it will be an problem for me.
What is your pve experience?
Most of my PvE experience is with my shaman, Both Restoration elemental and enhancement. downed everything til Twins on Tbc
Abit of hard modes in Ulduar 25man also "3 server first". OSx3 drakes 10 and 25man "with and without zerg mode". Totc 25man cleared on Zniit, 25man togc upp to faction champs on shaman togc 10man cleared.
In what guilds have you been? and why did you leave.
Aurora borealis - Grim batol. Joined friends on Vek'Nilash,

How did you get to know the guild?
Trade channel, had a talk with Cronos, and he told me to make an application.
What is your role in the raid?
Dps - Damage per second. do as best i can watch out from fire dont fail at nuubish stuff.
What experience and gear do you have in other roles?(respond if your class is not a pure dps one)
that must be Restoration shaman, since i've raided with him since tbc. "resto" Think i have on enhancement gear now.
How would you define yourself as a player?
I'm an active player, allways have with consumables "at most". i never have problems with gold so i dont Qq about progress raid since thats kinda fun in my opinion to progress ^^
Are you respectfull to your partners or other players? do you usually have problems?
I respect everyone that respect me, dont got any problems with anyone that dont got problems with me but if it is someone that got problems with me i would like to hear it so i could try to shape up.

A link to your char in the armory. <--- warrior <3 <--- Shaman <33
A screenshot of your char of your bindings and other configurations.
Zniit dps Warrior Aaaaaaaaaawn.th
Comment breifly what addons and bindings do you have and why you have them.
Barthender, Xpearl, Grid "Custom config", Omen3, ForteXorsist,
Do you consider yourself a mature person?
Tbh i dont know realy. hard to answer.
Do you have a microphone and ts/ventrilo?
yeah sitting on ventrilo alot, i dont have problem with comunicating.
Do you have a computer with a stable conexion?
Zniit dps Warrior 614283859
Yeah its stabile "should have beend higer download tho".
what are your hobbys apart from wow?
counterstrike 1.6 Razz
what do you do in your free time?
Stay on ventrilo with friends chatting or playing cs 1.6. things like that.

Extra Points !!

Do you have knowledge over web designing and maintainance of a website?
No, Sorry.
Do you have knowledge of graphic designing?
i used to dribble abit in CS2 but thats long time ago.
Do you know how to work with a video editor?
Incase you played arenas whats your maximum rateing youve had?
1993 "Shadow priest - Frost mage" 2v2
If you have anything you want to add do so here.


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Post  Faith on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:56 pm

Nice apply your accepted i hope you dont let me down Smile cya ingame

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