Raid Guild Rules (Must Read)

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Raid Guild Rules (Must Read) Empty Raid Guild Rules (Must Read)

Post  Faith on Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:49 am

These are the basic guild rules for raid asistance, they are fully essencial and obligatory if they are not respected and not followed this will mean the cause of leaving the guild.

  • The raid asistance is totally obligated incase not being able to asisst, you shall comunicate this to your following officer, raid leader or guild leader with the fastest haste possible, the continued failing to assist raid will provoke the removal from the guild, lesser rank you have lesser will be the patience.

  • The equipment is fully necessary for the raids including food, consumables, flasks, and money for repairs if you fail to accomplish this you shall be removed from the raid and if this is continued it will provoke the removal from the guild.

  • The puntuallity is VERY important, we will leave 10 minutes of margin to be at the instance door, if in this time the raider fails to be there it will count as being late, being late with previouslly notifying a officer, raid leader or guild leader will not count, if the raider is continually being late this shall be the cause of removal from the guild

  • Negating to go to raid because your on a alter, doing arenas, bgs etc this will provoke automatically the a guild kick.

A Ideal Raider Behaviour Has to be:

  • Being at the instance door, at the hour with all the equipment necessary

  • Having Ventrilo opend

When you are as a Reserve Raider behaviour to have:

  • Always able to be localized: that being on a alter or connected on ventrilo

  • Always be ready to be called and join in,you can be doing arenas, after you have been on hour and at the instance door with all equipment if your officer has considerd that you shouldnt enter the raid, but if he decides we need you, you will drop what your doing and immediatlly incorporate yourself to raid.

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