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Post  DyingTou on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:45 pm

Name: Gordon
Age: 18

I dont think i would change a proff if asked to due to the fact that it has cost me over 3k gold leveling my proffs.

I am balance MS and Resto OS. Yes I would change to feral if asked to.

Things I dedicate myself to: Pc, Studying, Girlfriend

Yes i do accept all the raiding days and times (I can do any)

Pve expeirience is almost all of ulduar. ToTC 10/25. Ony 10/25. VoA 10/25. OS 10/25. EoE 10/25

I have been in smokers choice and I got Gkicked with no explanation. I think one of the officers didnt like me tbh.

Faith was advertising the guild thats how i got 2 no about it.

My role in a raid is to do Dps and ALOT of it Smile

I have a GS of 4700+- with healing gear on and I have healed many raids so I know what im doing.

How would I define myself as a player: I would define myself as calm and relaxed and I think i learn new things very easily

Never had any probs with people before. I do respect others and if I am wrong in a situation i would appologize.

I use quite a few addons. The main ones i like are MSCOMBAT TEXT and DeadlyBossMode. The bindings I use are with my shift key very easy to push and gives u alot more options for example Shift + 1 Can cyclone. whereas if i just press 1 it casts wrath.

I do indeed consider myself a mature person

I do have a mic and Ts and Vent

My PC is very good and my connection very stable.

My hobbys apart from WOW would be visiting my gf and playing dota. I play ALOT of pc.

In my free time i either visit my gf or play pc.

I do understand and fully accept the guild rules.

I am a lil literate in graphic design and I know how to use a video editor

Thanks for reading my application i really hope to start Raiding with u and im really hoping I get and inv to the guild Smile thank you Smile


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Balance Druid Empty Accepted

Post  Faith on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:50 pm

HI mate liked your apply accepted

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