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Post  Kmdog on Mon Nov 23, 2009 9:53 pm

Name: Khalil
Nickname: Kmdog
Age: 20
Class: Warrior
Faction: Taurren
Profesions: Jewel crafting & mining

Would you change your professiones if asked? if so witch one?
Fury & prot.
Would you changed them if asked?
I dont think so since my gear is matched to these talents.
What do you dedicate yourself to? (work,study, etc)
I just finished my hf (high school) and will be working with IT in the furtuere. Else in fætter br (toy story)
Do you fully accept the raiding hours and farming hours? and incase you cant fully make an asistance of 100% explain why.
- I do accept the raiding hours and will try to adjust the guild raiding times.

What is your pve experience?
- I only got my warrior, have been playing for about 1,2 years.
In what guilds have you been? and why did you leave.

- I have been in chemical moslty. they helped me understanding the game etc. I left because I never got the possibility to join raids etc.
How did you get to know the guild?

- A member from your guild told me about it while I was searching a new guild.
What is your role in the raid?

- I tank and dps. or else I share my experince with ppl.
What experience and gear do you have in other roles?(respond if your class is not a pure dps one)

- tanking and dpsing
How would you define yourself as a player?

- Polite, humorous etc.
Are you respectfull to your partners or other players? do you usually have problems?

- I never have problems with other partners/members while playing. never experienced it before.
A link to your char in the armory.

A screenshot of your char of your bindings and other configurations.

Comment breifly what addons and bindings do you have and why you have them.

- I use carbonite, big wigs, threat o' meter. They help me a lot while raiding.
Do you consider yourself a mature person?

- sometimes.
Do you have a microphone and ts/ventrilo?

- I have a ventrilo username yes, but not a mic.
Do you have a computer with a stable conexion?

what are your hobbys apart from wow?

-bodybuilding, running, friends, party etc..
what do you do in your free time?

- I work and will be going school.
do you fully accept the guild rules?

- I do
Extra Points !!

Do you have knowledge over web designing and maintainance of a website?

- No
Do you have knowledge of graphic designing?

- No
Do you know how to work with a video editor?

- No
Incase you played arenas whats your maximum rateing youve had?

If you have anything you want to add do so here.


Hello and thank you for interesting yourself in joining Cruor, an officer will respond to your apply as fast as possible.


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Post  razhasia on Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:18 pm

hi kmdog

1-Its completly essential that you fill in every secction of the questionary.

Missing screenshot and link to armory come on guys dont be lazy


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Post  Faith on Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:10 pm

Ill give you a try out see you ingame accepted

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Application Empty Re: Application

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