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Post  dante on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:12 pm

Profesions:Elixir Master Alchemist + Tailor both topped but don't have the latest recipes.

Would you change your professiones if asked? if so witch one?
Sure, been changing them since i started playing with my lock ; which is like 94 played days Smile

Felguard/Emberstorm now, will try affliction as second build soon.

Would you changed them if asked?

Yeah sure.
What do you dedicate yourself to? (work,study, etc)
I'm working as a doctor.
Do you fully accept the raiding hours and farming hours? and incase you cant fully make an asistance of 100% explain why.
Well from time to time I've got to take care of the emergencies at the hospital, so i can be called any time if i am the one who is on duty that day . That is 3 or 4 days of the week, rest is mine all Smile
What is your pve experience?
I'm a dedicated raider, never give up trying. But never had the chance to achieve the top so far, mostly because i tried to play with my friends.Now I wanna make it to the end ...
In what guilds have you been? and why did you leave.
Used to play in Wrath of Anatolia in Burning Legion for most of my time but then I had to give up playing because of school and etc..
How did you get to know the guild?
From the trade channel Smile
What is your role in the raid?
Never afraid of taking responsibilities(hope it's the right spelling Razz ) , but as a lock all i can do is dps Smile
What experience and gear do you have in other roles?(respond if your class is not a pure dps one)

How would you define yourself as a player?
Told above Smile

Are you respectfull to your partners or other players? do you usually have problems?

I never like to be the problem guy.
A link to your char in the armory.
A screenshot of your char of your bindings and other configurations.
Comment breifly what addons and bindings do you have and why you have them.
I like to use it simple. So omen, bartender, bigwigs, forte are enough for me Smile
Do you consider yourself a mature person?
I can be mature sometimes i guess Razz
Do you have a microphone and ts/ventrilo?

Do you have a computer with a stable conexion?
what are your hobbys apart from wow?
I play other online games too, other then that I watch movies a lot and like to play soccer and swimming and playing basketball and reading FRP books and bla bla.. Smile
what do you do in your free time?
Well they are just above Smile


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Danterecai - Warlock Empty Accepted

Post  Faith on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:18 pm

Hi Dante very nice apply thank you for interesting yourself in submiting very good A+ apply ^^ your in mate

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Danterecai - Warlock Empty Welcome

Post  Nextar on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:17 am

Welcome Danterecai hope you will have a great time playing in guild! Smile

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